High school

Now that you're in high school, we know you'd prefer to be treated like a young adult rather than a kid. We also figure that you'd like to hang out with other young adults like you. And when you do get together with your friends, you want to have fun in an interesting and relevant environment. That's where High School at Family comes in.

High School at Family gives you a place to hang and have fun, but we also do two more things for you, because we believe these things are very important to your development as a person: we get to know you, and we care about you.

We accomplish all of this during two weekly meetings. First, we meet together as a large group on Sundays. Our large group time consists of dynamic worship and interactive Biblical teaching. Then, on Wednesdays, we continue our time together by breaking into small groups. In our small groups, you have the chance to build connections and grow in Christ by talking about life, processing the truth, and praying about problems.

As you can see, our big group to small group setup is pretty simple. We do it for you because we want you to get the encouragement and support you need to follow after Christ as you live your life. See you Sunday!

Contact Aaron aaronr@thefamilychurch.net (HS)

 High School Large Group

Sundays 5-7 p.m. at The Family Church (Student Worship Room)