Our CHRISTMAS DAY service will be online ONLY. Tune in and enjoy with your family. Celebrate the New Year with us Jan 1 @ 10:00AM as we kick off our new series, "Hitting Reset".

our Mission:

Help all people discover family in christ

how do we do this?


Jesus never asked us to go out and make converts. He commanded us to go and make disciples of ALL ethnos (gk), or ALL ethnicities.  We are sold out to fulfilling this command in our generation through one on one mentoring, small groups gatherings and our larger corporate gatherings

corporate worship

The Corporate gathering is about so much more than coming to hear a sermon, singing songs and giving our money. We believe something amazing is meant to happen when the Lord interacts with His People. Come join us to see what we mean.


We believe that "saved" people, serve people, so we actively look for opportunities to serve others in our local church, in our community and beyond with our time, our abilities and our resources.

COmmunity Ministry

We are passionate about raising up, sending out and supporting those who desire to take the mission of Jesus into our community, our nation and the world.